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A222 Computer Solutions

We are a small Croydon (UK) business established in 2001.

Our clients range from domestic users to multi-million companies.
We offer a friendly, flexible, cost-effective service backed by over 40 years computer experience.

Our Services

We deal with PCs, laptops, servers, Apple-Mac, tablets and even your phone.

New and refurbished computers and ancilliaries
Repairs and maintenance
Network set up - wired and wireless
Commercial computer system audits
Antivirus and Security
Data backup - local and cloud

Partner Services

We work with trustworthy competent businesses to offer you additional services

Web Design
Telephones and VOIP systems
Data security
GDPR compliance


Call us anytime: day, night, weekday or weekend

020 8 662 1124 or mail@a222.net

A222 - making your computer work for you!

A222 is a member of BNI Foundation providing access to proven and trusted local businesses.